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  1. Uncrowned Guard

    What is the weather like for you today?

    Beautiful day today, mid 70F and a nice breeze.
  2. Uncrowned Guard

    Horror Movies or Series

    Most just are not very good. I find myself pulled to more of the gory horror genre as the rest of genre has really bad plot and seems to just focus on jump scares. Not that the gore side is much better.
  3. Uncrowned Guard

    Do you have a House Phone?

    We only have cell phones and home Internet. No more landline, no TV, etc.
  4. Uncrowned Guard

    Default Theme Moved Back to Dark

    It looks good so far for me!
  5. Uncrowned Guard

    Would you rather browse forums with your PC or mobile device?

    I much rather use my PC for pretty much everything. Although I don't mind forums on mobile. Granted, some forums are not designed very well for mobile use.
  6. Uncrowned Guard

    The Bagpipes

    It is kind of surprising to hear only one band has had success with them, but they do have an awfully "bagpipe" sound and not much fits in with them playing in the background. Perhaps they are just waiting for their time, like when violins dropped into metal.
  7. Uncrowned Guard

    Did you take art in school?

    We had an art class, I did horrible and learned nothing but how to get detention from an art teacher.
  8. Uncrowned Guard

    Do you schedule time to play games?

    We do a group game night on Fridays, but I only get on when I am free during them. That is the closest I get to scheduling gaming.
  9. Uncrowned Guard

    You can do more on those cheap keyboards then you think.

    I'd say that cheap instruments as a whole get a lot of unneeded hate and I'd say it is actually to the point that many people have never purchased an instrument due to not being able to afford the "entry" level one, while numerous cheaper ones existed.
  10. Uncrowned Guard

    What app do you use to listen to music?

    Mostly via our Plex server at home. YouTube would generally be the runner-up as I often go to it for new music.
  11. Uncrowned Guard

    Has technology done more harm than good?

    I can't find a solid reason to say that technology hasn't been pro as a whole for us over time. From medicine to not suffering from famine to communication and learning, tech has enabled us to live lives that most humans couldn't even dream of the comforts we have today. A lot of the cons are...
  12. Uncrowned Guard

    Watch NCIS?

    I never sat and made an effort to watch it, but it is on everything and over the years I have watched quite a few episodes.
  13. Uncrowned Guard

    Games of 2024

    It has been quite fun. Although it is a much better game if you have a group to play with.
  14. Uncrowned Guard

    Games of 2024

    So far Helldivers 2 is in the lead for me.
  15. Uncrowned Guard

    Can KDB make a difference?

    Sometimes a leader is all a team needs to become better. Although aren't their injuries still quite extensive?
  16. Uncrowned Guard

    Would you yell back at the boss?

    In today's world, it is better to let them burn themselves. Everytime you see a manager acting like a crazy person, it is only a matter of time until they go too far and forget that they have 50 cameras pointed at them at all times.
  17. Uncrowned Guard

    Chernobyl Wolves Resistance to Cancer

    It will be curious to see how sites like these play out in hundreds of years and how the overall radiation increases will affect evolution as a long. Sadly, we still have to overcome our larger issues of humans like these wolves probably being at a greater risk of death from the ongoing war in...
  18. Uncrowned Guard

    What Car/Truck you Drive?

    2013 Dodge Ram 1500 and a 2007 Harley Road King.