Ever played guitar to impress someone?


Did you ever use your guitar skills to impress a girl or a boy you liked? When had you done so? Did it work?


That, and to show off in general. High school was fun.
If I was good at playing guitar in highschool, this would have been 90% of the motivation lol

The Raven

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I wanted to learn how to play a guitar and I actually bought one for less than a $100 but I wasn't persistent in my endeavour. I played maybe for 2 weeks or less and when I found it really hard or I fount out I am untalented, I decided to return guitar (refund). So, sadly, I did quit. But I wanted to learn because my first love knew how to play a little bit :D


When I started learning guitar I was passed that age where people normally used to play instruments to impress their crush. I started learning guitar when I was an adult and mastering my skills was my main concern. I had a dream about playing to an audience.
I tried to impress my guitar teacher, but did not work ^^


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