Have you ever broken any of your musical instruments out of frustration?


As human beings, we can experience frustration at any point in time and when you're not careful with how that frustration is managed, you will end up doing things that you're going to regret later. It's just like how gamers break the game controller and etc, the same thing can happen to anyone playing one musical instrument or another.


The only musical instrument I have is a guitar. Even though I do not play guitar these days, I love my guitar. Therefore, I cannot dream of breaking my guitar even when I am frustrated. Why would I be frustrated while playing a musical instrument when music is something that will kill someone's frustration?


I have never broken a musical instrument because they are too expensive to break. But I have broken plenty of anger and playing video games. I must have broken 30–40 keyboards, I used to keep a spare keyboard just encase I broke one lol.


As much as I have gotten frustrated in the past when learning to play a musical instrument and learning new pieces that I wanted to play, I have never gotten so angry that I damaged the instrument.